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We know a lot of times you are not sure which PC you need. So if you do not want to get involved with all technical talk, just tell us what you want to use your computer. We will then make the system to match your needs. If you prefer a more detailed list you can click on the Avanced Craetor, and get more personalized/complex options.

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
With your New PC you Will Most Often
You will use it for PC Games / Advanced Programing/ Graphic Software
I prefer a Display...
I want to use My Sound Sytstem for
I Require
I Need my PC to

Please Email our Executives for more Custom PC Help, Advice, or Questions.



To provide high quality PCs that makes the best use of your money and gives you exactly what you need. You'll never get less, or pay for extras completely out of your area of interest.