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Select your P4* CPU Speed (Standard 2.0Ghz)
Selcect your Memory* 120GB standard
Select Your Hard Disk
Select your Video Card
Select your Sound Card
Select your Primary CD-Media
Select Secondary CD-Media
Select your Monitor
Select Sound System

With the Advanced Creator you can create your own custom PC. Choose your desired part which you need, or you we can choose them for you. Then Submit your custom order and well give a price quote within 48 hours.

Your Custom PC specs will review and you will receive a complete report on your costs and equipment availability.

Notice: A System Board selection will be given to you with your price quote. Varying configurations require different boards; therefore system boards are not available in the selection menu above

*CPU, refers to the Central Processing Unit

*P4 is trademark Of Intel Pentium 4 Processors.

*GHZ is an abbreviation of Billions of Processes per second.

*Memory refers to Random Access Memory

*DDR is an abbreviation for Dual Channel (266Mhz)

*Rambus is advanced channel 800Mhz Bus speed.

*HDD refers to the Hard Disk

*ATI, Advanced graphic Card systems

*WD, Western Digital Hard disk companies

*Creative sound blaster company