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Limited Warranty and Return Policy

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Block PC is a privately owned and operated company. We run through and deliver from New York, NY. All orders made can only be delivered in New York, New York. Block PC is run and supervised by both, Veronica Meyers and Richard Parker. For further information about the ownership or representation of Block PC you can e-mail us at or call (917) 621-6860.

Limited Warranty:

Most BlockPC® computers and products come with a 1-year limited warranty including six months in-home service. Any special arrangements or variations concerning the warranty will be dealt with before the sale. All Computer Systems are backed by Intel® Pentium® 4 processors and come with a factory based warranty.

This limited warranty covers ONLY your hardware products.

This limited warranty does not cover:

-Software, including the operating system and software added to the system
through third-party software, or the reloading of software.

Problems that result from:
-Misuse, abuse, or problems with electrical power
-Servicing by an agent other than Block PC
-Failure to use product properly
-Problems caused by using accessories, parts, or components not supplied by Block PC.
-Opening the system or tampering with the components will also void this warranty.

Software Policy:

-All Software Packages” are OEM one time installed. If your data is corrupted by a virus worm or illegal or pirated software, Block PC does not hold any responsibility to reimburse or reinstall your software. (3)

- BlockPC does not hold any responsibility to reimburse or reinstall your software if you format your hard disk or lose or corrupt your data.

We are not accountable for anything not mentioned in this limited warranty or for any damages including, and without limitation, any third-party claims against the customer for damages, especially loss of data or software. If any unforeseeable problems do occur, we will not be responsible for more than the cost of the system.

For warranty service, before the warranty expires, please call us at:
(917) 621-6860

Be sure to leave your name, contact number, and best time to reach you. Or e-mail us with your customer ID number as the subject at

Ordering Policy:

- Orders can be made through Block PC’s website through the custom PC or PC packages sections.
- Orders can be made over the phone by calling a sales representative
- Orders can also be made through e-mail us, at

Payment Policy:

- Your order will not be processed until your method had been cleared.
- All order requires a minimum 45% down payment (deposit).
- The full payment can be made (as is recommended) subsequent to receiving the invoice
- All check most be payable to “Block PC”.
- Any check that bounces will be fined the bouncing fee, plus 5% additional on the sale.
- NO COD’s
- We accept Money Orders.

Shipment Policy:

- As a courtesy to the customer BlockPC® technicians will ship all orders; it will be their responsibility setup and introduce the PC.
- Prior to shipment customers must be at the designated shipping area (home, office) to receive the shipment or the shipment policy will become void and the customer must pay for the shipping costs.

Return Policy:

As the customer, you must abide by any contract made, whether oral or written. If you agree to the purchase of any system or product you will be held accountable. Each agreement made is final. If you must change preferences, you will have to speak to a representative directly. Any customer returning a product will be charged a 15% restocking fee. There are no exchanges allowed are sales, with the exception of the return policy, are final.

Software Package Policy:

All Software Packages installed by Block PC are one time install packages. Custom building a PC automatically applies you to a Software Package. Also any changes made to Preset Computer packages may or may not vary which Software Package you qualify for. (See chart below.) Your return e-mail with your modified Office Pro Specs or your Custom PC (Advanced or regular) will explain your qualification.

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